Funeral flowers, A collection of different styles of tributes suitable to send in remembrance of a loved one.

  • Crosses

    Crosses (2)

    Crosses. A frame shaped as a cross coming in different styles and lengths.
  • Pillow or Cushion

    Pillow or Cushion (4)

    Pillow or Cushion, shaped designs. Traditionally edged with a coloured ribbon, a white base of flowers and a complementing bunch to create a pleasing tribute. These can also been created in a loose open style of mixed flowers to give a more natural style.
  • Heart

    Heart (9)

    Heart shaped tributes in different styles and sizes. Traditionally designed with a ribbon edge and based with white flowers.
  • Letters

    Letters (8)

    Letters a personalised tribute. Coloured ribbon framing the shape of the letter and based with white flowers. Finished off with a matching design to complement the overall tribute.
  • Bespoke Tributes

    Bespoke Tributes (10)

    Bespoke Tributes. Something different designed on specialised frame. Tailored for an individual tribute whether is with flowers, leaves or other materials.
  • Bay Tree Flower of Scotland

    Bay Tree Flower of Scotland (16)

    Bay Tree Flower of Scotland. A collection of Scottish themed tributes. These included a tartan, thistles along with other Scottish themed flowers.
  • Sprays

    Sprays (41)

    Sprays. Flowers arranged in the shape of a tear drop or a diamond. With a selection of flowers and foliage using a more natural style.
  • Wreaths

    Wreaths (30)

    Wreath. A collection of different styled wreaths. The Scottish style wreath are one of our most popular wreaths.