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We are an independent florist, with many years of experience in the trade to draw upon, we can supply Flowers for Any Occasion.

Our shop has a wide range of seasonal fresh flowers all year round. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss further.

Our website is available for you to place orders and we will do rest.

Please note… we cannot guarantee same day delivery for orders placed after 14:00.

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Nephrolepis Green Moment

Bay Tree Gift of the week.
The Boston fern is best known for its lush, feather like fronds that droop gracefully.
A beautiful houseplant a gift for all occasions.

Vase of the Week

Bay Tree Vase of the week..
A vase of beautiful seasonal coloured flowers already arranged for you in a vase
The perfect complete gift for any occasion.
Vase of the Week

Flowers by Occasion

  • Congratulations

    Congratulations (33)

    Congratulations. Flowers are a fabulous way to congratulation anyone in whatever their achievement is from a small or large token. Say it with flowers.
  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday (46)

    Happy Birthday gifts to send. Beautiful flowers in different designs, and colours to send in celebrating a special day for family and friends.
  • I Love You

    I Love You (26)

    I love you. Normally the red rose symbolises the flower of love.  A collection of romantic flowers to send to say you are my one love.
  • Just Because

    Just Because (44)

    Just because you you would like to send a gift. Flowers say it all.
  • Thinking of You

    Thinking of You (16)

    Thinking of you flowers a collection of suitable colours or style depending on the occasion.

Flowers by Arrangement

  • Gift Arrangement

    Gift Arrangement (22)

    Arrangement a design comes already arranged in a container whether its a basket, a ceramic pot or a glass vase. With the best seasonal blooms of the week.
  • Hand Tied Bouquet

    Hand Tied Bouquet (13)

    Hand Tied Bouquet a collection of flowers beautifully wrapped for designing  in your own vase at home. Best blooms of the week used in this Bouquet.
  • Water Arrangements

    Water Arrangements (24)

    Water Arrangements a complete gift. Which comes already designed with flowers in its own glass vase, beautifully wrapped for a stunning gift.

Arrangements by Flower

  • Lily Collection

    Lily Collection (2)

    Lily Collection. Our lily collections may have the fragrant oriental lily, the colourful non scented asiatic lily or the longi lily. These designs contain at least one lily in them.
  • Rose Collection

    Rose Collection (18)

    Rose Collection. The beautiful rose either one single flower or a whole bunch of them. All of these design included the beautiful flower.
  • Sunflower Collection

    Sunflower Collection (4)

    Sunflower Collection. Bay Trees favourite The Sunflower.  All of these designs will have included a sunflower. Whether it is just the one or just sunflowers.
  • Thistle Collection

    Thistle Collection (5)

    Thistle Collection (eryngium ) These designs have thistles included with in the flowers whether it is one stem or several.
  • Tulip Collection

    Tulip Collection (1)

    Tulip Collection. These design included tulips in the design whether its a few or all tulips.


Alongside our beautiful selection of flowers we have an extensive range of wonderful plants; the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

With bedding plants, bulbs and bushes to brighten up your garden and flowering and architectural indoor plants to bring the joys of the garden inside, we have plants suitable for all.

We also have a selection of plant collections perfect for brightening up your doorstep or patio.

View Our Plant Range


A Year of Plants

Give that special person in your life a gift that lasts all year with ‘A Year of Plants’ from Bay Tree Flowers. You can choose to send 6 or 12 plants over the course of a year, with or without a decorative pot cover and pick whether you would like indoor or outdoor plants or a mixture of both. We will send a mixture of beautiful flowering and wonderful foliage plants which are all carefully selected by our passionate plant-loving team.
A Year of Plants

Begonia Rex

Begonia Rex indoor plant.
Begonia rex they are grown for their foliage display although some have flowers as a bonus. The off centre heart shaped leaves are easy to recognise. Leaf size varies enormously along with other shapes- stars, oval, spears ect.

Pelargonium Angel Perfume Nova

Pelargonium Angel Perfume Nova.
This stunning new Pelargonium variety delivers the best of both worlds a gorgeous show of blooms and a lavish scent of lemon green foliage.
New in Shop

Lavandula Plant

Lavandula stoechas plant is a colourful display of purple/blue flowers with a fragrance a favourite with the butterflies...
A gift for the gardener.


Give your loved one a compassionate send off a with beautiful floral tribute from our comprehensive range of funeral flowers.

Are you looking for something a bit more personal? We can offer a bespoke service to create a truly fitting floral tribute for your loved one; please Contact Us for an obligation free discussion.

  • Bay Tree Flower of Scotland

    Bay Tree Flower of Scotland (16)

    Bay Tree Flower of Scotland. A collection of Scottish themed tributes. These included a tartan, thistles along with other Scottish themed flowers.
  • Bespoke Tributes

    Bespoke Tributes (10)

    Bespoke Tributes. Something different designed on specialised frame. Tailored for an individual tribute whether is with flowers, leaves or other materials.
  • Crosses

    Crosses (2)

    Crosses. A frame shaped as a cross coming in different styles and lengths.
  • Heart

    Heart (9)

    Heart shaped tributes in different styles and sizes. Traditionally designed with a ribbon edge and based with white flowers.
  • Letters

    Letters (8)

    Letters a personalised tribute. Coloured ribbon framing the shape of the letter and based with white flowers. Finished off with a matching design to complement the overall tribute.
  • Pillow or Cushion

    Pillow or Cushion (4)

    Pillow or Cushion, shaped designs. Traditionally edged with a coloured ribbon, a white base of flowers and a complementing bunch to create a pleasing tribute. These can also been created in a loose open style of mixed flowers to give a more natural style.
  • Sprays

    Sprays (41)

    Sprays. Flowers arranged in the shape of a tear drop or a diamond. With a selection of flowers and foliage using a more natural style.
  • Wreaths

    Wreaths (30)

    Wreath. A collection of different styled wreaths. The Scottish style wreath are one of our most popular wreaths.