Arrangement by Flower. To help you choose your perfect gift. Cut flowers for the flower arranger. Flowers designed for you in a vase of water. Alternatively a design in a basket or container.

  • Lily Collection

    Lily Collection (2)

    Lily Collection. Our lily collections may have the fragrant oriental lily, the colourful non scented asiatic lily or the longi lily. These designs contain at least one lily in them.
  • Rose Collection

    Rose Collection (18)

    Rose Collection. The beautiful rose either one single flower or a whole bunch of them. All of these design included the beautiful flower.
  • Sunflower Collection

    Sunflower Collection (4)

    Sunflower Collection. Bay Trees favourite The Sunflower.  All of these designs will have included a sunflower. Whether it is just the one or just sunflowers.
  • Thistle Collection

    Thistle Collection (5)

    Thistle Collection (eryngium ) These designs have thistles included with in the flowers whether it is one stem or several.
  • Tulip Collection

    Tulip Collection (1)

    Tulip Collection. These design included tulips in the design whether its a few or all tulips.