Mothers Day

Sunday 10th March

( Don't Forget!! )

We have the Perfect Gift for your Mum this Mothers Day.

Living Card

Living Card of Flowers which are a beautiful display of seasonal flowers designed in a card making a beautiful gift to send for any occasion. Flowers will vary to the picture.  

Bay Tree Gift Set

Bay Tree Gift Set consisting of seasonal flowers arranged in a front facing style with in a basket creating a stunning gift along with chocolates making a perfect gift.

Bay Tree Designs

Bay Tree Designs, beautiful colourful summer seasonal flowers designed in a hatbox. An all round design of flowers making this a perfect gift for all occasions. Flowers will vary to picture.

Love of Roses

Love of Roses. These stunning roses are displayed among other flowers and foliage and comes all ready designed in a glass vase. Not available for same day delivery. Please check for availability The design will vary to picture.

Bay Tree Sunshine

Bay Tree Sunshine.  A collection of flowers in shades of yellows and cream already designed in a vase of water and wrapped with craft paper giving you the complete gift.

Bay Tree Basket

Bay Tree Basket arrangement of seasonal flowers. Let us choose the best blooms to create a beautiful display to send for any occasion. Flowers will be different to picture.

Flowers in Basket

Flowers in a baskets, Pink and white seasonal flowers are designed in an all round basket. Flowers may vary to picture.

Milk Tray

Milk Tray. Pastel collection of flowers in its own vase of water, gift wrapped beautifully with craft paper. Let us create your flowers and deliver them for you. May vary depending on availability at the time of sending.

Cadbury Selection

Cadbury Selection hand tied a collection purple/lilac and white flowers, foliage beautifully wrapped with craft paper and a bow. This design does not come with a vase.

Bay Tree Seasonal Hand Tied

Bay Tree Seasonal Hand Tied. Florist best blooms of the day a selection of seasonal flowers. Cut flowers ready for you to arrange your self. Flowers will be different to the picture.