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Ten ways to help your flowers last…

We want you to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible (even if that means we see you a little less often, so feel free to come in for a chat between top-ups!). Here are our top tips for making that happen…

  1.  For cut flowers, remove from wrapping and cut stems at a sharp angle.
  2. Strip stems clean of all foliage below the water level as it will encourage bacteria growth in your vase.
  3. Use the flower food provided, at the correct concentration using tepid water. We always have people asking if the flower food makes any difference to vase life – it does!
  4. Keep your flowers away from draughts and heat sources, they will last longest in a cool environment.
  5. Don’t place your flowers near your fruit bowl. Fruit gives off ethylene gas which can cause some flowers to mature more quickly than you would like.
  6. Remove blooms as they fade to stop them contaminating the water.
  7. Change water and clean the vase regularly (every couple of days) and recut stems to ensure they can easily take up fresh water.
  8. If you receive or purchase an arrangement in floral foam, it should be left as is, and regularly topped up with flower food in tepid water.