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The faces behind the flowers…

Bay Tree Flowers is our lovely little family run shop, situated in the shadow of the Wallace Monument.

My beautiful, wonderfully talented best friend, mentor and business partner, Jane Austen, started her career in floristry at the age of sixteen.  Originally from Kent, she comes from a family of horticulturists, her grandfather having been the groundskeeper at the local sanitorium.  Jane grew up within the industry, and has a wealth of knowledge about all things green to prove it.

I came to floristry slightly differently. On my first day, I could barely identify a carnation.  I have an Honours Degree in Journalism, but I couldn’t keep a house plant alive (in all honesty, that is something I have yet to master – my plants take frequent trips to Jane’s house for some TLC when they look poorly, in spite of my best efforts!).  Under Jane’s watchful eye, I learned our trade from scratch, and we both strive to continue to develop our skills every day.

We discovered that we had a shared vision of what we thought a local florist should offer the community, and had the desire to turn that vision into a business. Bay Tree Flowers was born, and we look forward to seeing you in the shop, whether it be to plan your wedding flowers, for some advice on a project you are doing yourself, or simply for a chat over a coffee – we always have biscuits. Always.

-Louise Richardson